• Add as many users as you want. We offer unlimited user accounts to manage assets.
  • Track asset history and lifecycle
  • Never worry about server upgrades, security patches or your asset system not being available with our…
  • Manage asset availability with Grey Trunk's check in and checkout functionality.
  • Keep electronics documents and images such as owner manuals and warranties associated with each asset.
  • Run unlimited reports on the fly or on a schedule.
  • Utilize RFID or barcode tags to track your assets. Choose whichever technology fits your project and…

Barcode & RFID - Any Technology You Need

  • Use barcode and RFID tags to increase inventory accuracy.
  • Scan barcodes with your own mobile device using Grey Trunk's built-in barcode reader
  • Use RFID to reduce scan times and inventory lots of assets quickly without a line of sight.
  • Attach your mobile device to a handheld RFID reader for a low-cost, accessible RFID system
  • Easily switch between barcode and RFID, future-proof your system without getting locked into a certain technology
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Say Goodbye to System Lock-In

  • Unlimited user accounts to manage assets, each with their own permissions and rights. No hidden per-user access costs.
  • Export your asset data into CSV or Excel formats
  • Utilize barcode and RFID technology together or separately, upgrade when the technology fits the need.
  • Month-to-month billing, no long term contracts. 
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Customize The Way You Need

  • Use pre-built templates to store information or add custom data fields as you see fit.
  • Manage media and statuses of assets.
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports to keep you up to date on your assets.
  • Schedule alerts and reminders so planned maintenance can happen when scheduled. 
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